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I'm so excited to share my passions with you. If you know me you know I love makeup, helping other women feel beautiful, and anything beauty related. Besides my love for lipstick, lashes are really my go to.  I know some people struggle with Lash strips and there's many different reasons for that and after many months of research and collaboration with many vendors I believe I found a solution for some of you with my lash kits. So, browse around select a kit and let me know what you think! If you need to get dolled up for a special event or just want to treat yourself, take time to browse my Makeup Portfolioservice menu, and book your appointment today! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website because I'm so happy to share this with all of you.

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Here you can find the perfect lashes for you while booking an appointment for your special event.!

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Lash Tips

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How to Apply

1. Gently remove lash from lash tray with tweezers or fingers.

2. Set lash against your eyelid to measure where to cut lash band if needed. (If using mascara apply and let it dry prior to apply lashes on eyelid.)

3. Apply lash glue to the band and allow glue to dry or get tacky.

4. Looking downward with a handheld mirror and apply lash band with the lash applicator to the lash line.

5. Using your mascara wand blend mink lashes with your natural lashes.

Removing Lash strips

I Know we all tend to just rip our eyelash strips off after a day of wearing them but here are some tips on how to gently remove them.

1. Using a make-up wipe or make remover (oil or non-oil) on a cotton pad and apply to lash line in a sweeping motion.

2. As the glue dissolves the lash strips should easily slide off. To remove remaining glue on eyelid, use olive, baby, or coconut oil. Be sure to avoid getting oil in your eye. 

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lash care 

1. To maintain your lash strips be sure to remove glue from lash strips with lash applicator before or after every use.

2. Always store lashes in their lash tray to maintain their shape.

3. Don't wear longer that 24 hours.

3.Avoid any oil on lash band.

4. Avoid putting ANY mascara on mink lashes it ruins them. ALWAYS apply mascara and let dry prior to applying lashes to eyelid.

5. Wash lashes with eyelash cleanser and warm water. (Follow instructions on lash cleanser) or soak in warm water and soap for 5-10 mins then rinse and peel off any remaining glue.

5. Allow to air dry in lash tray after patting dry with lint free paper towel.

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